History of Rockville Water

Provision for operating the water works of the town of Rockvale, collecting revenues for water furnished, and making provisions concerning penalties was provided by Ordinance No. 40, approved and adopted April 6, 1893. This is about time the stone reservoir was built.

The largest of the reservoirs was built in 1918. The big reservoir has a capacity of one million and ninety gallons. The small reservoir was built in 1938 and has a capacity of one hundred and thirty thousand gallons. The reservoirs were re shingled in 1939 as a W.P.A. project.

The photo below looks out across town. The white water tower in the distance is where, Bev Harris says “the water now goes to be purified and sent back to us.” Rockvale joined the Regional Water System with Florence, Coal Creek and Williamsburg. Rockvale sends water daily to the regional system, but keep the reservoirs full for our use only if there is a shortage. Rockvale has the oldest water dates of the towns.