As the town grew, so did the school population

In the early 1920’s there were 350 elementary school children with 11 classroom teachers and a music and art teacher. A four-room frame building replaced the original log schoolhouse.

In 1910, a two-story brick building became another part of the Rockvale School. As the student population increased, two cottages became primary classrooms. There was no high school in any of the coal camps, but the Rockvale School district paid tuition to the Florence school district for 80 or more high school students, maintaining two school buses that made two morning and two afternoon trips to Florence. There was no kindergarten and many of the first grade pupils stayed two years in the first grade.

The children who came from Slovenian, Polish, German, French, and Italian speaking homes knew very little English, so their first year in school they learned to speak English and to mingle with children who spoke a different language.

Rockvale School teachers–circa late 1940’s or early 1950’s

Graduation class of 1951 – 1958

Class of 1960–last 8th grade class to graduate from Rockvale School