Rockvale was the home of a prize-winning baseball team

Among the players of the team of that day were: Back row– Ed Agard, manager; Ray Marco, Tom Easton, Frank Rocchio, Joe Brady, and Joe Dailey. Front row–Joe Harris, Bob Smilanich, John Cologne, Sam Bowan, Frank Papish, and Tom Payne, trainer.

Joe Dailey was a pillar of old Rockvale. Loved baseball and loved Rockvale. He died at the age of 79.

Joe was born in Pennsylvania and was a cousin of Thomas & Margaret Payne. Joe was also the nephew of Susan Boyd who ran a boarding house in Rockvale.

Watching and playing baseball, riding bicycles, playing marbles, riding donkeys, and watching movies were favorite forms of recreation in Rockvale. The old timers can recall baseball games which some claim were as good as professional ones. In the days of the silent movies, Rockvale had two places where shows were shown at regular intervals. (See top of page for details about fire.)

Baseball was a BIG. . .a great sport!

The team from 1920 included Shoe Champion, Bill Pritchard, Mark Rizek, manager, Thomas Payne, Dan Price, John Cologne, Gabe Smilovich, Clarence Crosby, John Scookey Smith, Joe Dailey, and Carl Papish.

Members included (standing) Clarence Crosby, John Scookey Smith , Kennick, Evans, Goodhead, Shoe Champion, Carl Papish, Frank Papish–(sitting) Max Rizek, Cy Cologne, Gus Marco, Frank Rocchio, Joe Dailey, Mark Rizek

Baseball is still BIG with Rockvale and Coal Creek residents.