Rockvale Community Club

Rockvale Organizes Community Club–1953 Rockvale Community Club (Alice Maglietto originated the idea.) organized October 5, 1953, and was called The United Boosters. It had as its primary aim projects for the benefit of community children. In achieving an impressive list of accomplishments, it also benefited every member of the community. As documented by Mae Ziolkowski, … Continue reading Rockvale Community Club

Rockvale 1890s

Photos of Rockvale in 1890s Rockvale, Colorado–business district in the 1890’s. Pictured here are stores, left to right Colorado Supply store, Powell’s Drug, Paradox newspaper, barbershop, Chiri’s Saloon, and a business of unknown ownership. A Rocky Valley Rockvale rocky valley in 2003 Rockvale Beauty