Captain Rockefeller named the town of Rockvale

The inhabitants intended to call the town “Rockefeller,” but the Captain protested. He finally agreed to use the phrase “Rock” from his name and “vale” because it was in a rocky valley. (B. F. Rockefeller, for whom Rockvale was named, was born November 18, 1835 in Nunda, Livingston County, New York. He was educated at … Continue reading Captain Rockefeller named the town of Rockvale

City Officials

City officials of past years Previous mayors include Floyd Williams, Phil Kessler, Jason Garner, Lonnie White, Daryl Bufmack, James Archletta, Delbert Trogdon, John Lennox, Tom Easton, William Angel, Albert F. Fearheiley, Jimmy Walker, and Lawrence Sartoris. Previous town council and trustee members included Lindo Faoro, William Smith, William Vezzetti, Tony Chiri, Mary Horvath, Mary Maher, … Continue reading City Officials


Wilmot School Students The Chesterfield Club The Mazzetti Family Mazzetti’s Bakery and Grocery store was originally located in Williamsburg in 1896. It was probably the oldest Fremont County business existing, moving to the Rockvale location in 1915. The Mazzetti family used a similar Dutch Oven (as shown below) to bake that wonderful bread that w … Continue reading Williamsburg